Baccarat Strategy System

Baccarat Strategy System
Baccarat Strategy System


In the Baccarat game, the system of play that promises the highest odds of winning is the basic Baccarat strategy system of betting on the player rather than the bank. The other strategies that promise great odds of winning include the Golden Eagle Baccarat Strategy and the Silver Tiger Baccarat strategy. The Golden Eagle Baccarat Strategy System of play is much more advanced than the Basic Baccarat play strategy. On the other hand, the Silver Tiger Baccarat Strategy System is faster and more aggressive compared to the Golden Baccarat strategy.

The Game of Baccarat

The Game of Baccarat can be played by a small or big group of players, as long as the player’s and the banker’s hand are dealt. The decisions made in the game of Baccarat are all determined by the digit value appearing on the cards. The hand that draws the highest score wins. On the other hand, if a tie ensues, all the tie bets are paid as the remaining bets await the next hand. The aim of the game is to achieve the closest score to 9. This means you can bet on either hand or on a tie. Baccarat is often played using a deck of 6 or 8 cards. Once everything is set to begin the game, the dealer shuffles the cards and then places them in a shoe or special box to start the dealing. The history of Baccarat can be traced to Europe back in the 1400’s. Today, the game continues to attract hordes of high rollers, who are drawn to the game’s odds of winning.

How the Game of Baccarat is played

The rules of this fast paced table game are very simple. To begin play, two hands are arbitrarily dealt. Players in the round table can make any of the three wagers by betting player, bank or on a tie. The hand moves once all the wagers have been placed. Using the limits set by the house, the dealer will pick a shoe containing a deck of 6 or 8 cards. The dealer deals two cards each to the player and banker. The Aces count as 1, cards 2 – 9 count as the face value, while Tens-Jacks count as zero. The dealer deals by flipping the player’s cards face down and the banker’s cards face-up. These moves are usually directed at the player with the highest wager on the player space.

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To get the score of the first two cards, the dealer adds the value of two banker cards. If the card value totals to more than 9, the first digit is removed and the score recorded. Case in point, two cards with a 5 and 8 total to 13, the first digit is drop and 3 is recorded. On the other hand, if the end value is an 8 or 9, a “Natural” is declared on the banker’s part. The strongest hand in the Baccarat game is “Natural 9”. The same system of rules are applied when the players’ cards are flipped. The hand with a natural automatically wins; however, if both hands have a natural, the hand with the highest natural value wins. A tie is declared if both hands have the name natural “value”. Lastly, if none of the hands record a natural, a third card is dealt to one or both players according to third card rules, which apply to bankers and players.

When it comes to payout in the Baccarat game, players in their spaces are paid an even amount of money; which means $1 for every $1 bet, while the house advantage stands at $1.24. The payout on the banker’s space is set at 95%, which means $0.95 for every $1 bet. The difference in the payout is as a result of the house advantage that is pegged at 1.06% because the commission is also factored in. Depending on the stipulated house rules, payout on ties can stand anywhere from 9-1 to 8-1, while the house advantage stays at a whopping 14.44% for these levels of bets. If you compare Baccarat to other popular table games played in the casino, Baccarat offers the least house advantage. This is partly because the player simply picks a spot and waits for the card scores.

Best Baccarat Strategy Systems

-Golden Eagle Baccarat Strategy System

The Golden Eagle Baccarat strategy system is a simple Baccarat gaming system or technique designed to give players a huge winning advantage as well as a chance to recoup losses faster. This Baccarat strategy system is very profitable, because it players play at the highest level, while reaping the rewards. The two main techniques of deploying the Golden Eagle Baccarat Strategy system is using the offensive mode of play to capture huge wins and the defensive mode of play to reverse the loses quickly. To stay focused on the game, the player needs to keep a track of the scores in order to ascertain whether the previous decision favored the player or the banker. This popular strategy system that has unbelievably made Baccarat an easy game to play and win was developed by a Chinese born mathematician and statistician, Ri Chang. Over the years, Chang has also created other successful gambling strategies for a number of games including Roulette, Craps and Blackjack.

-Silver Tiger Baccarat Strategy System

The Silver Tiger Baccarat Strategy System is a unique, easy to understand betting selection strategy that offers players numerous opportunities of winning big. The strategy allows players to win a minimum of 6 chips or a gain of 37.5% on every buy-in. In addition, a conservative variation of the Silver Tiger strategy requires a 48 chip bankroll. A new pack of Silver Tiger strategy includes; a step-by-step 18 page Silver Tiger Strategy manual, FREE email support and FREE updates on a number of issues including bonus information and new Mini Baccarat Strategy and game insights. The manual contains a host of crucial information, including; Introduction, Basic Gaming Rules, Bet Selection Strategy, Tracking System, Conservation Variation and Universal Gambling Rules among other pieces of information.